Serbia approves plan for 600 MW wind farm

The assembly of Serbia’s Subotica city approved a detailed regulation plan for the construction of a 600-megawatt wind farm by the local company Maestrale Ring (subsidiary of Fintel Energija).

The company declared the capacity would be 632.8 MW, compared to 599.2 MW from previous announcements.

The farm will be built on a 6700-hectare plot and will generate 1,000 GW of electricity per year, matching the demand of over 200,000 households.

Although, “the detailed regulation plan is only the first step and a prerequisite for the development of the project” said the director of Subotica’s urban planning department Predrag Radivojevic. “In cooperation with the relevant ministry and provincial institutions, the investor will further develop this project until its construction.”, 10 November 2020