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Rada adopted a new law to establish an energy storage operator

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on the Development of Energy Storage Systems”. The new legislative document is based on the EU principles of legal regulation of energy storage systems. By adopting this legislation, Ukraine will ensure the use of energy storage systems, balance the operation of the energy system, facilitate ENTSO-E synchronisation and increase the stability of the electricity supply.

The adoption of this law creates a legal foundation for establishing a new participant in the electricity market – the energy storage operator. The document also features the energy storage operator’s rights. The latter includes the right to provide balancing services and ancillary services.

The TSOs and DSOs are prohibited from performing energy storage activities while defining the exceptional conditions under which the TSO or DSO may use energy storage facilities.

Besides creating the energy storage operator, the law regulates licencing of energy storage activities, as well as the possibility of using the energy storage system by consumers and electricity producers. This is very attractive to the great number of renewable energy producers in Ukraine, as their plants generate most of the electricity during off-peak hours.

To stimulate the development of energy storage technologies and attract investment, preferential conditions are introduced for the payment of the tariff for transmission and dispatching – the difference between the selected and supplied to the grid electricity.