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NEURC set the dates for power system isolation tests

The National Commission for State Regulation on Energy and Communal Services (NEURC) set the dates of February 24-26 for the first stage for testing the work of the country’s power system in isolated mode. The latter means that Ukrainian United Energy System (UES) will disconnect from Russia and Belarus, while the “island of Burshtynska TPP” will be disconnected from ENTSO-E and merge with the UES. This will bring two asynchronous systems together.

An isolation test is required for synchronisation of the UES with the power system of continental Europe ENTSO-E. According to the existing agreement on the conditions for the future unification of the Ukrainian and European energy systems, the process shall be carried out in two stages: in winter and summer.

During the first period of the isolation test on February 24-26, UES will be merged with the “Island of Burshtynska TPP”. Ukrenergo has reached an agreement with the TSOs from Russia and Belarus to temporarily terminate a parallel operation and then reenter it once the first test phase is complete.

“Working in isolated mode is not a stress test for the power grid. The purpose of the tests is to demonstrate the ability of the power system to maintain the required frequency of 50 Hz in different operating modes. Testing provides for the alternate shutdown of generation and loading,” Ukrenergo explained.