Namakhvani protesters and the Georgian officials came to a partial agreement

Namakhvani HPP

A partial agreement was reached by the Georgia officials and the activists opposing the construction of the Namakhvani HPP during the negotiations organised by the EU Energy Consolidation Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Center on June 12. The leaders of the protest and the Government agreed on three key points:
• Carrying out a qualified risk assessment of the construction of the HPP, reviewed by independent experts.
• De-escalation of the situation in the Rioni valley.
• Development of the energy security plan based on the draft National Energy and Climate Plan.
The remaining issues will be risen during the upcoming meetings.

Namakhvani project is the largest energy project in the history of Georgia’s independence, encompassing two separate HPPs of 333 MW and 100 MW on the Rioni River. The project is being carried out by Enka Renewables with a direct foreign investment of $800 million. 90% of the company’s shares belong to the Turkish ENKA Insaat ve Sanayi A.S and 10% to the Norwegian Clean Energy Group.