Greece to develop 4 renewable energy projects totaling 2.81 GW

Greece is expected to abandon solid fossil fuels by 2028, both for environmental and economic reasons. To smoothen the transition, the Greek government has prepared a comprehensive plan to aid lignite phase-off and provide developmental support.

More than €2 billion is to be spent on four investment projects in renewable energy plants, including €888 million on 1.5GW of solar PV parks across 12 regions of Central and Northern Greece, and a further €421.6 million on 37 PV plants with a total capacity of 830MW in Larissa, Magnesia and Kilkis.

The remaining investment will go towards one offshore wind development with 360MW and a 120.3MW onshore wind project in Xanthi and Rodopi.

The four projects will also create more than 300 jobs.

Meanwhile, Greece’s state-owned Public Power Corporation was mandated to develop the solar parks as part of a wider €5 billion roadmap to support the phase-out of coal generation by 2028., 24 December 2020