About us

EnerLoop is a single point of reference for multinational companies with a serious interest or existing business in emerging markets of Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe. The tool has been developed and is maintained by Invest In Network, a UK-based company specialised in the power industry consultancy for emerging markets with a strong focus on renewables.  

Invest In Network provides unprecedented opportunities for business development through meetings with potential clients, live market briefings, connecting asset owners with potential investors, encouraging private sector involvement, and ensuring the flow of investment.   

We attract international investments by organising Energy Weeks in different regions so that international companies receive all relevant information and have the means to communicate effectively with the relevant government authorities and project operators in host countries.  

We are fully immersed in and researching the market, which allows us to have access to reliable information at first hand, and are ready to share our accumulated knowledge and experience.  

Among Our Clients