393MW wind farm to be built in eastern Romania

Romanian energy company Radramo Power obtained a permit for a 393 MW wind farm in the eastern commune of Pestera. The project is expected to be put in operation in 2025 and will be located in the village of Pestera, close to a 90 MW wind farm owned by Portugal-based EDP Renov√°veis (EDPR). The permit allows the wind farm to be connected to the national electricity network by March 2022. 

Over the next decade, Romania intends to increase its installed energy production capacity by 35% with new wind capacity of 2,302 MW and new solar capacity of 3,692 MW, thus ensuring a higher degree of energy independence, according to the national strategy for 2020-2030, with a view for 2050, published last year.
renewables.now, 21 April 2021