comprehensive and up to date
power industry data and analysis

The EnerLoop is a single point of reference for multinational companies with a serious interest or existing business in emerging markets of Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe, which enables companies to access individual country platforms with comprehensive and up to date power industry data and analysis.

Each country platform provides:

Stay in the loop

Access to original, regularly updated, and hard-to-find information on the sector will help you keep informed about market developments.

Identify opportunities

With our essential and cost-effective power industry tool for anyone doing business or seeking to do business in the country, you can identify business opportunities and minimise risks.

Locate partners

You will be able to gain competitive advantage and find partners or suppliers in highly dynamic and relatively difficult-to-navigate countries.

Become a part of the community

You will get exclusive offers to showcase during our high-level Energy Weeks and network with stakeholders, authorities, and investors.

About us

EnerLoop has been developed and is maintained by Invest In Network, a UK-based company specialised in the power industry consultancy for emerging markets. 

Invest In Network provides unprecedented opportunities for business development through organisation of high-level investment conferences, live market briefings, connecting asset owners with potential investors, encouraging private sector involvement, and ensuring the flow of investment.   

Being fully immersed in the market we are happy to share our accumulated knowledge and experience.

Stay in the loop